3 Must-Have Cleaning Products

Try this one out.  These are Mr. Clean Bliss Gloves.  Tired of the nasty rubber gloves that make your hands sweat and stick to you. These are lined with very comfortable, soft cotton and will not make your hands sweat.  Very nice to wear and work in. You can purchase these at Amazon.


We all know that microfiber is great for cleaning.  How about trying out these microfiber sponges.  They are super absorbent.  They are effective even without soap and they dry really fast.  They come in some nice colors as well.  You can also get these at Amazon.


These two-sided pads fit nicely in your hand with its user-friendly shape. On one side there is an abrasive side and on the other is a microfiber surface for wiping.  Guess where you can buy these?  Yup – Amazon.



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