Keep Warm Toasty This Winter

Keeping warm in the winter is a necessity and of course it always helps to save a little where you can.  Here are a few helpful suggestions.

Keeping your feet warm helps to keep your body warm too. Be sure your cozy slippers have a rubber sole as this really makes a difference.  You can buy a pair of warming slippers where you can warm them before wearing.

Wearing several layers of clothing can help keep you warm as well. Long underwear underneath your day clothes can keep the heat in making a difference in keeping warm.

Instead of turning up the heat – save some money by using an electric blanket in bed or wearing neck warmers.  You can make yourself a makeshift bottle warmer by putting rice in a sock and warming that in the microwave.  It gets nice and hot to keep you warm.

Utlize the suns warming rays by letting in the sunlight in.  Open your curtains and blinds to let the sun shine in.

Drink lots of warm tasty beverages.  Hot chocolate is fantastic and a nice soothing cup of tea.  Bake a nice dessert in the oven or some tasty treats.

Be sure to check your weather stripping and replace them as necessary. Put pool noodles or rolled up towels by the bottoms of doors or windows to prevent drafts.  If you have really drafty windows, you can purchase a window sealing kit using shrink wrap and a hair dryer to cover the entire window.

Keep your home a little warmer by using a humidifier if your air tends to be on the dry side.  Some people have found that by using a humidifier. they were able to lower their heat a few notches and everything helps.

Keep warm and toasty this winter.


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