6 Ways to Get Rid of Hard to Reach Dirt

Getting into small spaces  and reaching hidden dirt can be challenging so here are a few tips that will help you out.

Take out your dental floss and use to get the grime in the spaces between your kitchen and bathroom faucets.  You can also use it to clean the toilet handle.

Using q-tips can be good to wipe very small areas like corners and computer keyboards.  You can use them to polish small crevices as well.

To clean your mini blinds or louvered doors – use a new paintbrush to dust them.  Move over them vertically and then once again horizontally.

The best way to get the fuzz and cobwebs that love to accumulate and stick to air vents is to use your vacuum attachment and suck it all up.

If skylights are too high or hard to reach, try using a mop or broom handle covered with an old t-shirt or cloth.

To clean that annoying crack between the over and counter, you can dampen a small towel and wrap it around a butter knife.  Insert the towel-covered knife and clean along the crack.  To prevent things from falling in that crack to begin with, purchase a counter spill guard and then cleaning that is a snap.  You can purchase one here.

Happy Cleaning


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