Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Here are a few cleaning tips that you might like to incorporate into your cleaning routines.

Magic eraser is a great product and has so many uses.  A great one to help eliminate all that extra scrubbing in your toilet bowl is to cut off a piece of magic eraser and put it into your toilet bowl to sit over night.  It will help save you time and effort cleaning your bowl the next day.

You can also use these great little eraser pads to clean your grout.  It works so well on it.

They are also great to use on your baseboards, doors and floors to remove scuff marks and grime.  You should always do a test on a small out of the way section.

Here is another great tip to help out in the bathroom.  Fill your dish wand with liquid soap that you can use in the bathroom.  Hang your wand in the bathroom or in the shower and after each shower, give your tiles a quick scrub.  This will prevent any build-up and makes it easy to maintain your shower.

From time to time, give your shower head a cleaning and get rid of hard water deposits.  This is simple to do by adding white vinegar to a plastic bag and putting the bad around your shower head.  You can hold it in place using a rubber band.  Just let it sit overnight and it will do the job for you.


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