Take the Mailbox Challenge

I was looking around online and came across some good ideas for getting rid of clutter, especially around the holidays.  I really liked this idea that I will tell you about in a moment, but this site also had some other great ideas.

This one is called the Holiday Mailing Box Challenge.

It is a great strategy. Lots of people order online and receive many boxes around the holidays.  Even things you may have ordered before the holidays, keep the boxes and then take the challenge.

The challenge is to go through your stuff and try to fill all of the boxes that you get, with items that you can donate out.

Try to do this so that you have enough time to bring the boxes with your donated items to Goodwill or charities – people that can put your used things that you no longer want or need, to the best use.

Go to the following link to read more about sorting through your items and other organizing ways to get ride of clutter.

Read more here


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