3 Places Where Germs Like to Pile Up in Your Office

Germs lurk everywhere – even at the office.  Here are some places to be aware of and pay attention to when cleaning your office.

Your computer keyboard and mouse. Even if you are the only one who touches your computer, the germs still pile on the keys and the mouse according to a clinical laboratory test from the University of St. Louis.  People do not usually spend time cleaning these objects and cleaning companies don’t either.  Take a few minutes once a week to disinfect them with some disinfectant wipes. Look for the label that say it kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

The top of our work desks are usually a great haven for germs to accumulate since we put so many things on them.  Things like lunch, snacks, magazines, flowers, pictures, etc.  Use a disinfectant spray cleaner or wipes and give your desk a daily wiping – especially if you snack or eat at your desk to prevent germs from piling up.

Ok so you know that door knobs are great germ offenders but how about the door frame? Yes, the door frame can pile up the germs as well with people always leaning against it and touching it.  An office cleaning crew will usually wipe this area down but just make sure that this is on their list of things to clean.  If not, then be sure to give it a good wiping at least once a week to cut down on germs.


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