4 Unique and Strange Cleaning Tools

Here are a few more unique cleaning products that are on the market.  You may find these helpful if not at least interesting.

This is a weighted sponge intended to clean the inside of small necked bottles, vases, etc.  The idea is that the weight of the sponge will force the sponge through so you can twist it around and clean the bottle.

This weighted sponge is made for cleaning the inside of bottles.

Here is a little robot cleaner intended to clean your little gadgets like your phone or you tablet.

This tiny robot cleans off your gadgets.

These are pads that you can put on your gas stoves to help keep them cleaner.  Any spills or mess goes onto the pad so you can just remove and clean the pad. Underneath the pad should be pretty clean so a quick wipe is all it should need.

These pads prevent build-up on gas stoves.

Here is a great one.  This is a microfiber tie that you can wear so just in case your phone or something close to you needs a quick cleaning, just give it a wipe with your tie – then continue to wear your tie the rest of the day.  lol

This microfiber tie gives you easy access to cleaning your screens.


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