3 Very Unusual Way to Remove Stains

Everyone knows that removing stains can sometimes be a challenge.  Here are three unusual ways to work with stains.

So here is a bottle of coca cola.  I’ve said before that you can use this to remove stains from your toilet bowl by pouring it in and letting it soak overnight.  Here is another unusual use for getting rid of bloodstains using coke.  Pour coca cola over your garments with the stains and let it soak overnight.  Obviously be careful of the type of garment but people claim this really works.

Here is an interesting one:

Roll some bread up into a ball and then blot a lipstick smear repeatedly with the dough until it lifts the stain.  Then wash as usual.

How about giving this one a go:

Did you ever eat spaghetti or something with tomato sauce and you end up wearing the sauce.  Just get out the shaving cream and spray a generous amount onto the stain.  Be sure to use a non-gel shaving cream.  After you spray it on, rub it in and let it dry. The wash as usual.

So there you have it.


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