Do You Clean These the Right Way?

Here are some things to keep in mind when cleaning – just a few things you may forge to clean or that you didn’t know.

First, when cleaning the toilet, don’t forget to get the back of the toilet.  Stuff builds up back there too.  An easier way to reach back there is to roll up some paper towels, soak them in  your favorite cleaning solution, wring out excess solution and use it like a towel using a back and forth motion to clean it.

Towels do a great job of drying us off after a nice bath or shower but to keep your towels more absorbent, consider not using dryer sheets or fabric softeners because they leave a film or coating on fabrics and this can decrease their absorbency.

When you are laundering your workout clothes or any work clothing, it is a good idea to add some baking soda and white vinegar to the wash to help kill smelly bacteria.  It is recommended to put clothes in the washer as your normally would, adding vinegar the first time you run the load. After one wash, use a half-cup of baking soda, and then throw clothes into the dryer.

For removing red wine stains, sprinkle salt on freshly spilled wine before blotting it up and use oxi products for wine stains that have already dried.

Coffee makers and Keurigs, should be cleaned by running warm sudsy water through it daily and every few months, clean using white vinegar through the machine.

Experts claim that washing your bed sheets once a week may not be enough to keep them clean.  If you snack or eat in bed, then clean your sheets at least every 3 days.


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