The Magic of Magic Erasers

Magic Erasers really are magic in the way that they work and a wonderful cleaning tool to use as they have so many wonderful uses.  Here are some of them below.

You can use them to remove scuff marks on walls and baseboards.

Clean stone surfaces

Remove pen marks, dirt, and scuffs on leather items such as sofas and purses

Help remove stains on your clothes

Get your tile grout clean

Remove spray paint

Remove the soap scum from your shower and your glass doors

Remove stains on counter tops

Clean up your dry erase board – even if there was a permanent marker used

Great for cleaning tv and computer screens – don’t forget your keyboard

Great to use to remove tarnish from silverware and even jewelry

Helps in removing the residue that is left when trying to pull off a sticker or price tag

Remover pen, crayon, or marker off the furniture and walls

What other uses do you have for magic eraser – let us know in a comment.


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