Using the Perfect Mop for the Right Job

Are You Using The Correct Mop?

june article mopsThere are several different types of mops and they all have their own best uses.
This article will educate you on which types of mops are best for the type of cleaning job you have.

Flat Mop: This is a mop with a flat head that usually has a reusable or disposable pad that attaches to it. These mops are easy to use and set up. A flat mop is great to use for every day.  They get into corners well.  Their downfall is stuck on food particles, which you may have difficulty removing with this mop without pre-treating.

Sponge Mop:  These mops usually consist of a spongy head and an attached wringer.  Some of these mops come with removable heads that can be taken off to rinse them more thoroughly and to be replaced when needed. These mops are great for cleaning uneven surfaces such as tile but sponge mops need to be taken care of properly to be sure not to spread bacteria.  When the sponge begins to break apart, or it begins to smell or become discolored, you know it is time to replace the sponge head. 

Dust Mop: Usually having a long handle, this comes in handy for cleaning cob webs, corners and dusty ceiling fans.  These mops also do a great job on floors, light fixtures, ceilings and walls.  Dust mops are not meant to be used as a wet mop, they are a meant to be used dry.  These mops can be made from lambs wool, synthetics, or microfiber.
String Mops:  Traditional string mops come in handy because they have great absorbency and scrubbing power. Getting into corners is no problem with this mop but they may be more difficult to wring out.  

Strip Mops:  These mops are synthetic head wet mops that come in strips and a built in wringer. These mops are very convenient, easy to use, and easy to maintain – but they are not as absorbent and have less scrubbing power.

Steam Mops:  These are electrical appliances that have a refillable water tank.  This mop heats up the water turning it into steam.  You use a trigger to release the steam through a reusable mopping pad and onto the floor.  These mops are awesome because they not only clean, but the disinfect.  The downside to these mops are that they are more expensive than traditional mops.  They may also not be the best choice for some types of floors.

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