Get Your Dishes Cleaner with These Dishwasher Tips

Here are some dishwasher tips to help you get the most from your dishwasher and get really clean dishes.

Your water may not be hot enough. Dishwashers perform their best when the hot water is 120 degrees, the optimal temperature to dissolve food stains.  You can check your home’s water temp by sticking a meat thermometer in a glass of hot water; if it’s less than 120 degrees Fahrenheit, consider adjusting the settings on your hot water heater. (Don’t raise the temperature higher than 120 degrees, however; this can increase your risk—and especially your children’s risk—for burns while bathing or hand washing)

Don’t load your dishes on the top rack.  Dishes should always go on the bottom rack because it’s specifically designed to hold them. “The tines are designed to hold plates in a way that maximizes the number that will fit and to make sure hot water passes through to ensure proper cleaning.  Trying to cram plates on the top can interfere with how other items fit and are cleaned.

The type of dish washing detergent can make a difference.  It might be time to switch over from powder to pods. Though traditional liquid and powder detergent get the job done, pods which are little pre-measured gel packs can perform better.

Keep all of your dishes facing the same direction.  Plate or bowl direction is important to ensure proper cleaning. Bowls go on the top rack. The ones in the rear should face forward, while the ones in front should face toward the back; this allows water to reach them.  Plates will get cleanest if they all face the center of the bottom rack.


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