Making Spring Cleaning So Much Easier

Spring is a very busy time with getting the house cleaned and the outside of the house fixed up – all ready to enjoy for the warmer months and to make sure that everything is well-maintained.

I came across a wonderful lady that has a really great way to organize spring cleaning and get the entire family involved without a lot of fuss.

She makes what she calls a spring cleaning box – just like an index card box – where she divides floor levels, and outside work and then subdivides by room. There is a laminated index card for each chore to be done.  Every day, the family chooses several chores and once they are completed, the index card that listed the chore gets filed under the completed section.  This is a system that she has sworn by year after year and it is handy, attractive, easy to store, and makes spring cleaning seem so much easier there causing less stress.

I am going to give you the link to her page where you can read more on her system and see the box she created.  At the bottom of the page, there is a link to her YouTube video where she tells you more in depth about the box, how she made it, and how everything gets done.

This one you will want to see.

Click on this link:
A Bowl Full of Lemons

Enjoy this – it really is a great idea!


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