Keeping Pollen Allergies at Bay

Now that the warmer weather is here, many people will find that they are suffering from those nasty pollen allergies.  The NC Cooperative extension has put out an excellent article about keeping yourself free from as much pollen as possible.

This includes keeping your grass trimmed because this helps the grasses from blooming and therefore keeping it from creating a lot of pollen.  They suggest you wear a mask while cutting your grass as well.

Another tip was to try to remain indoors in the early morning hours if possible when the pollen is at its highest levels – especially on sunny, windy days!

Pollen likes to settle on all surfaces so when the pollen is creeping around every corner, it is a great idea to wet dust everything and vacuum on a daily basis.  Using a vacuum with a HEPA filter works best to keep pollen at bay.

To read more tips on keeping yourself out of the way of pollen as much as possible – give their article a read. Just click the link below to read more.

Pollen Article


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