A Great Feather Duster for Cleaning

Dusting your house is a very important, yet dreaded task that must be done.  Many people wanted to know if using a feather duster is an effective way to dust.  

Using a feather duster can be effective if you get the right kind of duster and employ the correct technique. This is pretty simple though so no worries.

Using an ostrich feather duster is the best way to go as ostrich feathers have down feathers and this is best at attracting dust and removing it effectively.  You will find these feather dusters to be softer and more pliable. Other feather dusters just push the dust all over the place, scattering it everywhere and all throughout the air.  

Using an ostrich feather duster may be a little more costly but worth the price.  Be careful to choose a duster that is not too long otherwise it will just get in your way – even causing you to accidentally knock over items.  

In order to use this feather duster effectively, just pull the feathers along the dusty surface.  Use steady and even strokes and come to a complete stop instead of pushing the dust off the table or surface you are dusting.  The dust should be attracted to the feathers and adhere to it because of static electricity.  Then you can just gently tap the duster against your ankle near the floor to shake the dust from the duster. The dust will quickly settle to the floor where you can vacuum it when you are finished dusting.

Of course, just be aware that feather dusters are still really only good to use on a home that is well-maintained.  If you don’t have a lot of time to devote to housework, you may have to use a cloth and wipe away dust instead of using the duster.  

Also, an ostrich feather duster should not be used it if is wet – although you do not have to worry if your duster gets wet – an ostrich does get wet so the feathers will be fine.


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