Cleaning Your Throw Pillows

When cleaning, don’t forget the throw pillows on the sofa. Here are some cleaning tips to get your pillows nice and clean.

ALWAYS check the tag on your throw pillows before washing.

If a throw pillow has a cover, clean the cover separately from the pillow itself.

Even if the pillow insert cannot be laundered, it can be tossed in the dryer on high heat with some clean tennis balls to ‘fluff’ it up

Wash pillow covers inside-out on cold and use the gentle cycle if needed.

Dry pillow cases in the dryer on low or no heat to ensure no shrinking.  You could even just hang them up on the line to dry.

If you cannot remove the cover, try washing on gentle/cold – chances are it’ll be fine.

That’s it. Enjoy your clean throw pillows.


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