Messy House – No Time to Clean – Handy Tips to Help

Time is something not many of us have these days and the housework can surely and easily build up leaving us with a messy house and no time to get it in order.

Here are a few tips that will help you to save a little time – and a little bit here and there adds up to a lot.

Don’t bother folding pajamas – no one will care.
Get a squeegee for the shower so that after everyone takes one, they can spend 30 seconds to squeegee the shower walls.
Choose one or two things that you strive to make sure is done every day such as making sure the sink is empty before bed every night.
Break cleaning chores up into small, manageable bits on certain days.  You won’t feel so overwhelmed.  When you feel like there is too much to do, you are less efficient.
Devote one day more thorough cleaning instead of trying to get it all at once.
Put on some lively music that you love as it will boost your energy and make cleaning fun.
Designate a place for everything so that it saves you time since you won’t have to wonder around the house trying to find a great place to store it – and then maybe even forgetting where you put it later.
Mulit-tasking can come in handy.  You can run your vacuum during commercial breaks when watching television.
Never leave a room empty handed.  Take something to put away with you every time you leave a room.

These are just a few little tips to open up a little more time in your day.  Enjoy!


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