A Few Great Uses for Baby Oil

Baby oil smells so nice and has so many great uses.   Here are just a few for you to try out.

Put a tablespoon in your bathwater with a few drops of your favorite essential oils for a nice relaxing bath and it will make your skin soft and moist.

Soak your feet and use a good pumice stone, then slather on the baby oil, put on socks and sleep like that overnight – this is especially great if your feet feel very rough from dry skin.

You can easily remove your makeup using a little baby oil on a cotton ball.

A few drops of baby oil can really bring up the shine on your wooden furniture.

Shine up your chrome on faucets and even hubcaps with baby oil.

A drop on a necklace knot can help you unravel the knot.

Great for stopping noisy door hinges.


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