5 Unique but Helpful Kitchen Utensils

Having little gadgets and gizmos in the kitchen is helpful, useful, and makes your time spent in there a lot easier.  I love kitchen gadgets because they are fun.  Here are some that you might like.

This is a jar opener.  It is adjustable to the size jar and really helps when that darn lid is just so stubborn.

Tired of fighting with plastic wrap?  Just use these handy vinyl food covers that just slip right on.  They are washable so you can reuse them over and over and stop messing and fussing with plastic wrap.

Busy and on the go?  Keep this wearable kitchen timer with you so you can be anywhere in or out of the house but know when it is time to check on your meal.

Now these are interesting aren’t they?  These are wooden toast tongs.  Save your fingers from trying to pry certain things out of your toaster like small bagels.  Also keep your fingers from being burned.

This is a nifty cast iron apple/potatoe peeler.  It cores at the same time. It is a vacuum base grip so it won’t move all around while you are trying to peel.

You can find all of these handy gadgets at the Vermont Country Store online.



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