5 Unusual But Useful Cleaning Tips

Try these tips out to see which ones you might like to adapt in order to give you some cleaning power. ūüôā

Spray or dip cotton balls in your favorite scent and place them on the shelves of your storage space or linen closet to freshen it up.

Mites and germs linger on brooms after you use it to clean with.  Place a shower cap over the bristles before storing it to prevent these germs from spreading.

Clean your coffee pot by filling it with water and then adding 2 or 3 spoons of cream of tartar.  Heat the solution in the pot and the clean with a cloth.   The acidic levels allow this powder to be the ultimate stain-fighter.

Clean your suede by gently rubbing an emery board across the material.  It removes the stain because it works something like sandpaper -wearing away the stain.  Just be careful not to push to hard so that you do not damage the material.

Using a rolled up ball of bread to blot out lipstick stains before laundering could help reduce the stain quite a bit.


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