A Little Help Getting Out Stains

Here are a few good tips to help you in your quest to keep your clothes stain free.

For berry stains: Remove as much liquid as possible by blotting.  Then rinse with cold water,rub with pure lemon juice, and then use a pre-wash treatment with stain remover.  Throw it in the washer as usual.  You could also pour boiling hot water on the stain to remove it completely and quickly.

For blood stains:  Never use hot water on this type of stain.  Use some shampoo and cold water to get rid of the stain but if you find that doesn’t take it out all the way – give some hydrogen peroxide a try but you might want to do a test on the material first.

Tea and Coffee stains can be removed by using some liquid laundry detergent and pre-treating the stain before washing.  It the stain did not come out completely, re-treat and wash before placing the item into the dryer.  You do not want to set the stain in by drying it before it comes out completely.

You can remove acrylic paint stains by using hair spray but do a test on a small spot first.  You can use alcohol as well.

Happy Cleaning!


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