Cleaning Your Dishwasher and Toilet Bowl Naturally

Clean out your dishwasher the simple, easy, and effective way.  Just put some vinegar in a bowl on the top shelf of your dishwasher and let it run through the cycle.  The water will splash the vinegar around cleaning and disinfecting your dishwasher. It will make your dishes and glasses sparkle as well.  This is also very cost effective.

To take it one step further, you can add a little bit of baking soda to the bottom of your dishwasher and let it sit for several hours.  This will help eliminate odors.

Now to keep your toilet bowl really clean and kill those nasty germs, try using some tea tree oil on the surfaces.  Then you baking soda and vinegar to disinfect, whiten, remove stains, and help to eliminate odors. Use a half cup of baking soda and a half cup of vinegar, and several drops of tea tree oil – perhaps 10.

First mix the tea tree oil with the baking soda – pour two tablespoons of this mixture to your toilet water and add two tablespoons of vinegar on top of that. Let it sit for 20 minutes before scrubbing for the best results.

Happy Cleaning.


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