9 Ways to Use Sticky Notes

Sticky notes have more uses than you may imagine.  Here are a few that may come in handy.  Give them a try.

1. Clean up your keyboard.
The squares’ sticky-but-not-too-sticky sides are great for collecting small bits of dirt and dust that crowd your computer.

2. Mark cables.
Tear off the sticky part of the note, and wrap it around electrical cords to differentiate between appliances plugged into a full surge protector.

3. Catch dust while drilling.

Lifehacker got this clever tip from a reader: Stick up a note to minimize falling dust clean-up when drillling a hole in your wall.

4. Color-code your family.
If you often leave handwritten notes for your family, assign every person a specific color. Then, when they see you’ve left a note, they’ll know its for them without even having to read it.

5. Make a flexible dinner plan.

Mique at 30 Handmade Days uses just one sheet of paper in her binder to plan meals. Each week, she plots out her new list with Post-it notes, which can be easily moved around if plans change (as they often do!).

6. Use a note as a coaster.
In pinch, grab a few sticky notes and place them under a cold drink. You’ll need more than one to make sure the liquid doesn’t seep through, and avoid using notes in neon or oversatured hues — their colors might run and stain your furniture.

7. Remind kids to do chores.

Jen at Tatertots & Jello created this clever chore chart with Post-It notes. She sticks up her kids’ duties for the week, and when they’ve finished the task they remove the note to mark that it’s done.

8. Hold little pieces in place.

Use the sticky side of the note to keep screws, nails, or tacks from rolling awaywhen you’re working on a DIY project.

9. Tear a makeshift label.
Obviously, these notes make great labels, but if you need one that won’t flap in the wind, tear off just the sticky part before you write on it.

10. Print out a sweet note.

With this clever trick, you can print directly onto sticky notes: Print out your words or design on regular paper, and then place the stickies directly over where you want the design to be. Then, run the page with the notes through the printer again. Kelly at Studio DIY made this cute anniversary project to show off this technique.


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