Closet Organizing Tips

Here are some tips to organize your bedroom closets.

Set Up Zones

The best way to organize your walk-in closet is to set it up into zones according to function, based on the unique way you think about your wardrobe. For example, when you are getting dressed, do you think first in terms of occasion (work clothes, weekend clothes, evening clothes) or first by garment type (i.e. dress, suit, skirt, blouse), or first by season? Arrange your clothes accordingly — creating a section for each category, based on the way you think. Within each section, arrange the clothes by color. This creates a pleasing aesthetic, and makes it much easier to assemble outfits.

Stagger Shoes

You’ll fit more shoes on your shelves if you store pairs with the right and left shoe facing opposite directions…one facing toe front and the other facing heel front.

Small-Space Solutions

If you have an older home with narrow closets that are not deep enough for hangers, you actually have three creative options. First is that you can hang hooks along the back, and hang clothes (or handbags) on the hooks. Second is to install shelves from top to bottom, and use the closet for folded clothing, bags, or shoes. Finally, if the closet extends behind the door frame, on either or both sides of the doorjamb, install short poles on the inside right and left of the closet (from front to back, rather than the long way from side to side). This creates hanging space you access by almost “walking in” to the closet and turning to the side.

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