Cleaning Games for the Kids

Here is some fun games you can play with your kids to help teach them some cleaning fun.

 Baseboad Races

Have each child get a pair of (ideally) old socks and put one on each hand. Choose a room and have each child start at the same place on the molding. On your mark, get set, go! and send them off cleaning in opposite directions, racing until they meet. For an added cleaning bonus, have one child dust with a dry sock and have another child follow with a slightly damp one.

The Great Window Wash

Summer + kids + hoses = guaranteed fun.  Give children a bucket of soapy water, a few sponges or rags, and a hose. Then set them to work spraying and scrubbing the exterior windows. Yes, they get wet, and yes, they often need a few reminders to stop spraying each other and spray the windows, please, but the job leaves the kids entertained and the windows clean. Bonus points for scrubbing the window screens too.

Sort and Find

there are various areas of the house that seem to collect random kid stuff—under the bunk beds, the nighstand, the art drawer. Task your kids with taking everything out of the area and they’ll be amazed with the long lost “treasures” they’ll find in the process of sorting and organizing. You’ll get an area cleaned and organized, and your kids will feel like they’ve found missing treasures.

Give these a try and let you kids learn that cleaning can be fun.


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