10 Speed Cleaning Tips

No one likes to spend forever and a day cleaning. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to have someone else come in and do it for us and well, not all spouses and kids are great at doing their share. With everyone’s lives getting busier and busier these days, there has to be some short cuts to overall cleaning, especially when it comes to doing the deep cleaning part. Here are some tips to help you do just that!

10 Speed Cleaning Tips

1. Move in a circle around the rooms. Make a pact to not come back to finish something. This will only slow you down. Do things thoroughly the first time. This includes dishes.  This should be done the night before, if need be.

2. To avoid spending precious time (and elbow grease!) scrubbing stuck on food in the kitchen,mix simple white vinegar and equal parts dish soap together. Gently shake. Spray on your stuck on food areas and allow to sit while you work on the counter, appliances, and the rest of the dishes. When you make you come back, the mess should wipe right up!

3. Get yourself a tub, preferably with a handle that you can set all of your cleaning supplies in. Wearing an apron also helps so you can place sponges, old toothbrushes and wipes in your pocket. Doing this allows you to not waste time going to and from your cleaning supply storage area and instead, allows you to carry everything you need with you.

4. One of the best tips for speed cleaning is to clean as you go throughout your day so when it comes times to do some deeper cleaning, it isn’t much at all. This is as simple as whipping up spills as they happen while cooking, putting items back as soon as you are done with them and sweeping after meals or other times when messes are bound to be made.

5. Have a daily timed decluttering session. Set a timer for 10 – 15 minutes and have everyone pick up as much clutter as they can in that time. It is amazing how much can be picked up in 10 minutes! Doing this sometime before dinner will greatly reduce the amount of cleaning that has to be done before bed time.

6. Have labeled bins for each room in your house, including children’s bedrooms. Set the out in a neutral area in your home and as you go through each room, place items that belong somewhere else in the appropriate container. When you are done cleaning and straightening up, place each bin in the appropriate room. This will keep you from making several trips to each room to put things away as well as allow other family members, especially younger children, put their items away in an organized manner.

7. Before you vacuum any room, go around the entire house and pick cords off the floor, move furniture and pick up miscellaneous items up. This way, when you go to vacuum, you won’t be having to pause to do this and the job will go much faster and more efficient.

8. Another way to keep carpets well maintained and need less shampooing is to place rugs in high traffic areas. Doing so will prevent your carpet underneath from getting soiled by dirty shoes and not require as much in maintenance. Just make sure to vacuum under them as well.

9. Make a cleaning schedule for daily tasks. If you maintain it, you will end up doing a lot less scrubbing and deep cleaning as things will stay well maintained and need it less often. This will also keep you from feeling that rush to do a bunch of cleaning when you know company is arriving as your place will be pretty clean to begin with and only require some light touchups.

10. Lastly, deal with papers and mail as soon as it comes. One of the quickest ways to clutter your home is to have mail and papers strewn and tucked everywhere.

How do you speed clean and leave more time for fun? I would love to hear your tips!

Courtesy of Natural Frugal Living.


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