A Handy Checklist for Home Maintenance

To help you start with your home maintenance tasks, here is a simple  checklist.

1. Replace your furnace filters and do this seasonally. About every 3-4 months. This helps your furnace run efficiently, and reduces allergens and dust in your house.

2. Clean the air conditioner grill and register regularly.

3. Vacuum condenser coils found at the fridge’s back. Do this yearly.

4. Your front door. Polish it if it’s made of natural wood. If it’s painted, wash the surface, or re-paint as needed.

5. Replace the batteries in your smoke & carbon monoxide detector machine  yearly. Dust and check the machine at least twice each year.

6. Clean your oven. Technically, cleaning the oven takes a few hours. However, it would only take a few short minutes setting it up. Spring or fall are the best times, because you can just open your windows and let some fresh air in.

7. Check the water heater if there is any leak or rust.

8. Check your kitchen’s exhaust hood. Clean it if it needs cleaning and don’t  forget to replace the filter.

8. Check your furnace and see if there is any scale or rust. If you can hear weird noises, seek a professional inspector.

10. Check your toilets or faucets. Check for any leaking water, or listen for running toilets that might need a new seal. Check your faucets for a leak. Leaking water can be expensive.

11. Do a safety check on your garage doors. Place it in manual form and then raise it. It must smoothly glide and remain open approximately 3 ft. from the  floor.

12. Make sure to check the emergency flashlight. See if the batteries still are functioning. If the batteries don’t work, change them.

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Provided by Homemade by Jaci


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