Make a Spring Wreath from Laura Ashley Wallpaper – Re-posted for our followers.

Spring has sprung! Now that the sun is shining a bit more, it’s time to put those florals to work! I’ve been anxious to come up with a spring wreath project and using some Laura Ashley wallpaper was the perfect way to do so with their beautiful range of floral wallpapers. Some of my favorites are the Aviary Garden Apple GreenGeranium Cranberry and Honeysuckle Trail. There are so many options to choose from! I went wild selecting a number of florals and colorways. Follow the directions to make one for your own door!


Laura Ashley wallpaper
craft knife
wire cutters
glue gun

Step 1:  Form your wreath frame out of wire. I took two pieces of paper wrapped floral wire and wrapped them around to form a circle.
Step 2:  Cut out the florals from the wallpaper.
Step 3:  Shape the leaves if you so desire. You can shape it with a paintbrush by rolling it around the brush.
Step 4:  For additional shaping, cut into the leaf about ¼” and glue each side together to form a 3D leaf.
Step 5:  Start gluing your floral pieces onto the wire frame with a glue gun
Step 6:  To create a 3D effect, raise some of the pieces off the wreath and let others attach to the frame.
Step 7:  Continue around the circle.


To make a fresh greenery/paper wreath:


Once you have your paper wreath in place, glue gun some greenery to the sides of the circle on the back so that you can’t see the glue. It adds a nice, organic feel to the wreath.

 Experiment with a variety of shapes, sizes and fresh greenery.

Isn’t it the perfect way to celebrate spring? Now, go on and get your wreath crafting on!



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