How to Make Cleaning Your Room a Fun Game for Kids and Teens

 It’s essential to enjoying the space you’ve been given to the fullest, but it’s not always something you love to do! Read this article to figure out how to make it fun!

Tape or tie up a garbage bag somewhere in your room and use it as a basketball hoop! Throw your dirty clothes or garbage in this hoop.

Turn on your radio or iPod. This will help you so you’re not in total silence. You can even dance or move to the music or promise yourself to get a certain area of your room done by the end of this song! Beware, if you’re listening to slow music, this won’t help move the process along and will probably bore you. Oh, and no television, as this gets very distracting and will get you off track

Set a time goal. If you go over, pretend something terrible is going to happen, like your closet will blow up because it’s too dirty or the monster under the bed will kill everyone and you’re the last one alive!

Turn off all cell phones. Don’t text or call anyone. This is very distracting.

Play the pick-up game. While you clean, see how many things you can pick up for each song. Write them down to keep track! Try to beat your score from before!

Try to make it into a fun game (like basketball) and remove things that don’t belong in the room. When you are done cleaning, vacuum the floor unless it is hardwood then mop the floor. Make sure to dust the furniture when you are done and make sure you put the items back in their proper space when you have used them.

Happy Cleaning

Courtesy of wikiHow


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