Easy Way to Sort Through Boxes and Storage

Going through things in storage can be very time consuming and irritating so here are a few tips to try to make it an easier task.

Figure out what your worst spot is and get started sorting. Sorting through memories takes time and youI don’t want to hastily get rid of something only to regret it later.  If you made it through a box this week or a whole room, give yourself a pat on the back and keep on going next week!

I followed this method:

  1. Open storage box/shelf/bin and empty completely.
  2. Sort quickly into 4 piles – relocate (bring out of storage), keep (keep in storage), toss, donate.
  3. Put everything in its place – relocate, keep, toss, or donate.
  4. If something is good enough to go back in storage, label it.  Use a label maker, masking tape, or an envelope with an index card taped to the outside to write down the items inside the box or bin.

Then next year, you can sort though the boxes you kept and see what else you may not need.  You will be surprised how much you can really get rid of. 

Happy Cleaning 🙂


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