Fun and Games to Get Kids To Help With Chores the Painless Way

Here are a few fun things to do with the kiddies to painlessly get them to help out with the chores.  If you would love to have them participate in cleaning without too much fuss, always make it a game.  

The Sweeping Game

Make a square with tape on the kitchen floor when sweeping and have the kiddies sweep the dirt into the square.
For fun later, fill small balloons with water and a little food coloring, then freeze them. 

The de-clutter train

All aboard for cleaning fun! With a little bit of forward planning, this will be the cleaning game of choice come Sunday evening! Assign a colour to each bedroom, and then buy a storage bin (on wheels) in each colour. Each bin acts as a train carriage that gets pushed through the house collecting items that need to be packed away. Anything that is lying around the house gets picked up and placed into a coloured bin, depending on which bedroom it belongs in. Once the bins are full – or all the clutter is cleared – the train then delivers everything back to its home. As the train pulls into a ‘station’, the driver empties the bin and puts each item away in the correct place.

Not keen on buying plastic storage bins? Then use cardboard boxes instead. Kids can use poster paint to color each box in the required hue!

 Paint the dirt away

Cleaning windows and glass doors can be a thankless task. But give your kids a paint brush and a bucket of warm soapy water, and they won’t be able to stop thanking you! Encourage them to paint away the dirt on the outside of your windows with lots of soapy suds. Once they are done, simply turn on the hose and allow them to wash away their artwork. This fool-proof way of incorporating wet paint water play and housework means that you will be able to cross another chore off your very long list.

The great laundry race

As the ‘race caller’, your only job during ‘The great laundry race’ is to stand outside the laundry door and shout out a color or two, like  ‘blue’ or ‘pink’. Then watch your children sprint into their rooms, dive into their laundry baskets and pick out dirty laundry items in the requested colours. The winner is the child who makes it back to the laundry first, with two piles of laundry correctly color-sorted.

 I Spy … a clean table

After dinner, coax your troops into helping clear away the dirty plates with a sneaky game of I Spy.  Take it in turns to ‘spy’ things on the table that need cleaning and need to be put away. Whoever does the ‘spying’ removes the item from the table as soon as someone guesses it, and puts it in the sink, dishwasher or back in the refrigerator. With this cleaning game, dirty dishes will be whisked off the table before you can say ‘pass the salt’. And suddenly this nightly chore won’t seem so bad.

Don’t Forget the Reward

As a reward and or fun later, fill small balloons with water and a little food coloring, then freeze them. After they are frozen, cut the balloon off and you have colored frozen marbles.  


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