Got a Question For You

Hi again.  So here is a question for you.  How often should you clean baseboards, dust mini blinds, and vacuum curtains?

So here is the answer: Monthly

These are the chores to do monthly to keep your home looking neat and clean. Block out time so they don’t slip by.

  • Clean inside window surfaces; clean decorative mirrors.
  • Wash out kitchen trash container and surrounding area. (Stash three or four trash bags at the bottom of the container before putting in a fresh bag to make it convenient to replace a bag when the trash is taken out.)
  • Clean the stove; wipe the interior of the refrigerator.
  • Clean baseboards, dust miniblinds, and vacuum curtains.
  • Dust, sweep, and vacuum before washing surfaces to rid rooms of as much loose dirt and debris as possible.
  • Change or clean filters on heating and cooling systems.

Happy Cleaning 


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