Having a Party – Here are some awesome ideas!

Here are some cool party ideas.  

1. Instant drinks.

  Forgo the more expensive mixed drinks and make a specialty frozen drink that you can whip up in a blender. Or limit nonalcoholic beverages to one dark and one light soda (regular and diet), one clear seltzer and one juice. 

2. Instant ice.

  A few days before your party, place cubes from your ice trays or machine into Ziploc® Brand Double Guard® Freezer Bagsand stack them in your freezer. Come party time, put ice in a bucket so guests can help themselves to refills with metal tongs or a slotted serving spoon

3. Instant serving bowls.

  Serve dips in colorful pottery bowls set on matching dinner plates and surrounded by baby carrots or other vegetables and crackers.

4. Instant garnish.

  Cover an entire serving plate with big shapely leaves like curly lettuce or red cabbage. Then set your hors d’oeuvres on top.

5. Instant tablecloths.

  Plastic disposable tablecloths (available at party stores) come in every color. Before storing, however, make sure you dry plastic cloths completely to avoid that moldy smell.

6. Instant music.

  Ask a guest to bring an MP3 player already programmed with favorite party music. Or the guest with the largest CD collection could create and bring a CD with a selection of party tunes. (Tell him or her the theme of your party ahead of time.) Make sure you have all the necessary equipment to stream the music through your computer, radio or docking station, if using an MP3 player.

7. Instant coffee.

  Keep coffee warm in a thermal carafe or larger container (depending on the size of the group). That way, you can make coffee before guests arrive and it will stay fresh. Be sure to offer decaf.

8. Instant emergency food.

  Have neighborhood take-out menus easily accessible (Chinese food, pizza, etc.) in case you burn or run out of food. Keep in mind that many restaurants post their menus online these days.

9. Instant garbage bags.

  Position brightly colored party bags 
around your party room to serve as trash receptacles.

10. Instant photographer.

  Place a handful of disposable instant cameras in a big bowl with a sign that reads “Use Me, Share Me, Return Me.” The idea is to encourage guests to pick up a camera, take a few shots and then return the camera to the bowl. You’re sure to get a lot of fun, spontaneous photos from a variety of perspectives.

Courtesy of Right at Home


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