Cleaning Tips Using Rice

Here is a short little post that I wanted to make because I know how irritating it can be to try to get to the bottom of a container to clean it when you can’t reach it.  Of course there are some little gidgets and gadgets that you can buy to help with this issue but if you have some rice lying around, why not just use that?

If you have a hard to reach jar that needs cleaning – pour a few tablespoons of uncooked rice into the container and then add an inch of water.  Then proceed to shake vigorously for a few minutes.  After you rinse, it should look pretty good.  


Or, if you have a coffee grinder – even when you think a coffee grinder is clean, the oil from coffee grounds can be sticking in hiding places. To really get your grinder clean, try using uncooked white rice. For a regular blade system, add uncooked white rice up to the height of your blades. Run the grinder and dispose of the rice that will now be coated in sticky brown coffee residue. For nicer burr grinders, you’ll only need about 3 teaspoons worth of white rice in the grinder.



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