Awesome Cleaning Products

Here are a few products for under $35 that really help to make life just a little bit easier – especially when it comes to cleaning!

Tide To Go Pens – To minimize risk of permanent stain, just dab this pen on the spot.  Easy to use, convenient to take with you in case of accidental spills. Usually around $3.

Eureka Stick Vacuum – Compact for small spaces and easy storage.  Weighs only four pounds but powerful enough to remove dirt from carpet and hard floors.  Approximately $33

Toilet Wand – When you’re done with the  job of cleaning your toilet bowl, all you need to do is dump the disposable head in your trash can. No more worrying about the germs growing in your toilet brush holder! About $13

Vinegar – This is the ultimate household cleaning product that’s a winner in all areas: it gets the job done, it’s cheap, and it’s nontoxic.  You can use it for to clean a slew of things because it is so multipurpose.  

Spray Mop –  It’s sort of like the Swiffer but with reusable pads instead, so you’ll be saving money and being environmentally friendly.  The pads are made of microfiber so they pick up more dirt and dust in one swipe.  A great bonus to this product is that is comes with a trigger on the handle for spraying cleaning solution on the floor before scrubbing. $28

Check out these great products and let us know how you liked them.  

Happy Cleaning! 🙂


It’s so multipurpose, too; you can use it to clean your mirrors, bathtub, or kitchen stove


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