Many Uses for Dryer Sheets

Hello! Welcome to another blog post where this time I am going to tell you how you can get more uses out of your dryer sheets.  They are not just for doing laundry anymore.  Check it out!

  1. Roll up a new dryer sheet and place it inside the toilet paper roll – each time it spins it will freshen the room.
  2. Use a used dryer sheet as a tack cloth for sawdust from drilling or sanding.
  3. Clean your iron by ironing over a new dryer sheet with the iron set on low.
  4. Use a used dryer sheet to polish glass on mirrors and windows after cleaning – it will leave them gleaming.
  5. Place a new dryer sheet inside your shoes overnight to deodorize.
  6. Used dryer sheets can be used as interfacing for appliques.
  7. Keep your camping gear and sleeping bags fresh by storing a new dryer sheet in side each before you roll up and pack them away.
  8. Remove soap scum from the shower by rubbing a damp used dryer sheets on the doors and walls.
  9. Cut your new dryer sheets in half – they work just as well and last twice as long.
  10.  Make your own fabric freshener spray by placing 3-4 new dryer sheets in a spray bottle, add one teaspoon of rubbing alcohol, and fill the bottle with warm water.

So there you have it.  Do you have any other uses for dryer sheets that I haven’t mentioned in this blog post?  If so, leave a comment or email us at

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Happy cleaning! 


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