Your Pet and Your Cleaning Service

Here are a few tips for those pet owners so that you can be prepared when your cleaning service comes to clean your home. 

Be sure to notify your service that you have a pet.

Let your cleaning service know the name of your pet.  This comes in handy should the pet become disagreeable or disappear.  Show your cleaning service where you keep the leash and treats as a way of luring a missing pet back home or out of  hiding. 

If your pet has an accident before your service provider comes, be sure to pick up after him/her because animal excrement can lead to the spread of disease.

If it is possible to relocate your pet while services are being performed, this is probably a great idea to do so.  Put the pet in a kennel, with a neighbor or family member, or in a room that your cleaning team is not scheduled to clean and mark the door so that your cleaning team knows that the pet is in there.

Let your cleaners know where your pet’s favorite hangouts are.  This way, special attention can be given to those areas to be sure to remove the excess pet dander. 

Be sure to notify your cleaning service if your pet is not especially nice.  

Your cleaning team will appreciate these efforts.

Happy Cleaning. 


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