Tricks to Make Your Room Look Bigger

In order to enhance a small room, there are some tricks that will do the job.  Use a light colors on the walls to make the room appear bigger.  Don’t use bright or dark colors. Consider pastels, neutrals and whites.  

For furniture, walls and rugs, use a monochromatic scheme by using shades of your single color choice. 

Lighting plays a big part in how your room appears.  A good choice that doesn’t take up space is recessed lighting.  This really can open up the room.  Using a torchiere light helps by bouncing the light off of the ceilings and back into the room. Lighting is a key element in opening up the space of a small room.  

Avoid the feeling of clutter by limiting the number of accessories you use.

Use a light color or on the flooring to give the appearance of bigger space and use a light or white color on the ceiling to really allow that feeling of spaciousness to come through.  

Wall mirrors do wonders for a small space. Using wall mirrors, the light and color are reflected and makes a smaller space seem bigger.  If you really want to open up the room and make it appear much larger, mirror an entire wall.  The room will look as if it doubled in size.  

Only use the furnishings that you really need.  Avoid too much furniture as you will have a cluttered space, thus making the room appear smaller.  If your room is very small, try substituting a love seat instead of a full sized sofa.

If you like to decorate your walls, it is better to use one large decoration such as a painting, instead of a bunch of smaller ones. 

Be sure to maintain a balance within the room by keeping consistent with the color scheme and the placement of furniture and wall decor.

Using a glass table instead of a wooden table will also open up the room more.

Have fun!


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