Cleaning Secrets From the Pros

Did you ever wonder wonder how the professionals manage to get an entire house spotlessly clean in just a short time.  These cleaning tips were submitted by professionals that have been in the cleaning business for a long time. Here are their secrets:

To clean super dusty ceiling fan blades, place a pillow case on each blade and then wipe the top with one hand while the pillow case catches the dust inside. This saves dust from getting all over your floors and furniture.  Fast and easy clean up.

To save a lot of time and be sure not to backtrack or pass over any area of the house to clean – the pros always use a cleaning pattern.  They start from top to bottom and on the left side moving clockwise.

Divide the work between the household members.  Either assign rooms or general cleaning tasks such a dusting or vacuuming. 

To get things really squeaky clean, don’t just spray and wipe.  Instead, spray, let soak in while you are working somewhere else in the room, then come back and wipe.  This allows the product time to really work. 

Use microfiber cloths for best results.  They don’t just push the dirt around, they actually grab the dust and remove it.  Great news, the are reusable!

To clean like the pros, get a small caddy or bucket to keep your cleaning tools in and carry them with you while you clean. This is great to prevent the issue of not being able to find certain cleaning products or tools and saving time trying to locate them. You know you left it somewhere, right?  🙂

Many people believe the misconception that if a little cleaning product is good, then more is better.  This is not the case. You will end up spending more time trying to remove the extra product before you even begin cleaning.  Save time and money by using your products sparingly. 

Happy Cleaning! 🙂




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