Proper Curtain Care

Curtains can last a long time with the proper care.  This article talks about the proper care for your curtains so that you may enjoy them for years to come!  

First, be sure to protect your curtains from sunlight damage.  If your curtains are in the way of a lot of direct sunlight, they will surely fade over time.  You can use a curtain that is lined, thus preventing the outer layer of the curtain.  You could also use a light colored curtain as these will not fade as quickly or as much as a darker colored curtain. 

Next, vacuum your curtains once a month. Use a hand-held vacuum with brush attachment to prevent dust build-up and dust accumulating in the folds.  Be sure to clean the edges of your curtains, especially your living room curtains, because these areas are more frequently touched and may also accumulate dust from the window sills. Always be careful in the case with curtains that have embellishments or loose trims, when vacuuming. 

Give your curtains a washing from time to time.  You may need to occasionally wash your curtains when they get especially dirty. Many times kitchen curtains may need to be washed  a little more often, as these curtains tend to absorb cooking odors and get splattered by grease and foods.  Before washing, read the care instructions carefully.  Curtains made of cotton and linen can usually be machine washed.  These are normally your bedroom and kitchen curtains. There are some silk or other delicate curtains that could bleed their color when first washing. Always use cool water and a mild detergent whether you are machine washing or hand washing, so that your curtains do not shrink or become misshapen.  

 You should iron your curtains after washing them.  There are times when you may need to iron your living room or bedroom curtains other times in order to refresh the fabric and keep pleats crisp. When ironing your curtains, prevent damage by turning them inside out. Always use a low setting and gently glide your iron over the material.  Always check the care label on sheer curtains before ironing them.  You may be able to skip the ironing and care for them by dipping them in a starch mixture and then hanging them again, to prevent ruining the material.  Be cautious with living room or bedroom curtains with embellishments when ironing.  The material must be pressed carefully as to not cause puckering or damage to the embellishments. 

Happy Cleaning 🙂


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