How to Clean Microfiber Material

Cleaning microfiber can be easy.  All you need is a spray bottle, some rubbing alcohol, a white sponge and a white bristle brush.  Let’s get started!

First off, pour some rubbing alcohol in your spray bottle and wet the stained area.  Try not to soak it in too much. Rubbing alcohol evaporates faster than water so it shouldn’t leave a water mark. 

Take your white sponge and start scrubbing the stained area. Use white so that no color can transfer to your material.  Don’t be afraid to use a little elbow grease to really work that stain.  If you need a little more alcohol, give it another spray.

You will start to see the dirt on your sponge.  If you sponge gets dirty before you are done, switch it out for a new one so you don’t end up rubbing dirt back into the material.  

When you are finished scrubbing, let the area dry.  It will look darker than the rest of the area and it will also feel hard.  Don’t worry though, because your brush will take care of that.

Once your material is dry, take your white bristle brush and fluff up the area using small swirling motions.  This will re-fluff the area making it blend it with the rest of the material as well as make it soft again. 

Using rubbing alcohol will not leave the odor of it on your material. If a stain is really tough, you may have to repeat the process again. This process will work on any color microfiber material. 

Happy Cleaning 🙂


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