How to Tackle Melted Chocolate on Furniture, Carpet & Clothing

To remove melted chocolate from furniture – first allow the melted chocolate to dry.  You can speed this up by using either a high powered fan or a hair dryer on a cool setting.  Next, scrape off the chocolate with a blunt knife. Place a few paper towels on the stain and use your iron to melt the remaining stain.  Use medium heat if possible because you don’t want the stain to spread. Use an instant stain remover or spot treatment immediately to soak the stain away.  You can brush it away with a hard brush if needed. 

To remove melted chocolate from carpet – Remove any excess chocolate by scraping it when it is dry. Using a mixture of dish-washing liquid and water, apply this to the stain. Do not rub this soap mixture into the carpet, just let it set and then blot it out using paper towels. Repeat this cycle as necessary and rinse clean when finished. 

Removing melted chocolate from clothing – Be sure the chocolate hardens first.  You can place the garment in the freezer to speed things up if you wish. Scrape off the hardened chocolate and then using hot water to melt the rest of it off.  Next, soak the garment in soapy water using household dish detergent. Give it fifteen minutes of soaking before you rub off the stain and rinse.

If you have a chocolate emergency, dump the clothing in the washer and add milk to the pre-wash cycle as a pre-treatment. Your clothes will be great after they go through the standard rinse cycle. 

Happy Cleaning!


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