Cleaning Your Wood Floors

Its always a good idea to either dust or vacuum your wood floors before mopping. 

Clean your wood floors using a 1/2 cup of vinegar in a gallon of water.  Water is alkaline, which can leave spots on your floors.  Using vinegar neurtalizes the alkaline and helps to eliminate water spots.

If you have been using vegetable oil cleaners on your floor, these can leave a residue that can deteriorate the sealant over time.  If this is the case, add an extra cup of vinegar to your gallon of water.

Dampen a towel in your vinegar and water mixture and ring out well.  Use this towel as your mop. Go over floors several times to remove residue.  No need to rinse, just dry floor. 

Avoid using self-wringing mops which can leave excess water on your floor.  This can work between the boards causing warping.

Don’t use amonia to clean laminated wood.  It will strip the sealant off your floor. 

Happy Cleaning. 🙂


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