Here are some tips to keep your refrigerator

Here are some tips to keep your refrigerator energy efficiet.

Replace an older refrigerator with a newer model with an Energy-Star qualified model. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you could save enough energy with this type of refrigerator to light a household for four months. Log onto for a listing of Energy Star approved models. 

Don’t choose a fridge with ice and water dispensers. These increase your units energy use by 14 to 20 percent. These also raise the price of a new fridge by $75 to $250. 

A full refrigerator uses less energy than an empty one so try to keep it as full as you can. 

Clean the refrigerator coils at least twice a year to keep your fridge in the best condition. Coils are located both underneith and behind the unit and are the heart of the system. They are dust magnets.  When dust builds up, the units fan is less efficient at removing heat. 

When you are cleaning your fridge, be sure to examine the seals mking sure they tight. Place a dollar bill in the refrigerator door.  If you can pull the dollar bill out easily, then the seals need to be replaced or the door needs to be adjusted.  Be sure to wipe the seals regularly to prevent dust and grime buildup.  This buildup can lead to brittleness.

Keep your refrigerator in a cooler place.  If it is near the window or a stove, the temperature may rise and for every degree above 70 surrounding the unit, it takes 2.5% more energy to keep the contents of it cool. 

Happy Cleaning 🙂


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