Interesting Cleaning Survey Results

Here are the interesting results of a recent cleaning survey.  I think you will find them really something.  lol  Enjoy.

Cleaning under and behind large appliances was declared the most hated chore in a recent survey.

Cleaning toilets and cleaning showers and bathtubs made the top 10 list of most hated chores in our survey.

39% of survey respondents confessed that they “let the house go until dust bunnies formed, mated, and multiplied.”

22% of our survey respondents admitted they only change their sheets monthly. You’re not alone.

49% of survey respondents confessed to shoving clutter in a closet and calling the house clean.

58% of survey respondents were willing to give up something (manis/pedis, going out to eat, shoe/purse budget, etc.) if it meant they would be off cleaning duty for a year.

Where do you fit in all this?  LOL  

Happy Cleaning 🙂


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