Getting Rid of the Clutter For Spring Cleaning

Hi guys, spring time is here and that means spring cleaning.  Don’t look at it as a horrible chore. Instead, try to think of it as a way to make your home sparkle, give your home a fresh new appearance, make you feel great about living there and it makes a much healthier place to live.  Sign up for our monthly newsletter for awesome cleaning articles, tips and tricks of the trade and cool cleaning trivia and facts.  You will also learn how you can win a free cleaning!  Send us your email and let us know you want to be put on our newsletter list.  Send your email to:

Here is a way that you can get rid of all that stuff that you have been wanting to but never thought you could make time for.  Do just one thing at a time.  This is a great way to make a horribly unwanted job turn into a much easier one to tackle.  Just follow this list and before you know it, you will have cleaned out all of the forbidden places and made a lot more room instead of keeping unnecessary items and cluttering up the house. 

Here is a little list to get your started.  With trash bag in hand and a mind made up to throw away anything that hasn’t been used in more than 6 months, take one place from the list a day and get rid of it all if possible!

Junk drawer in laundry room

Junk drawer in kitchen

Kitchen Pantry

Under the kitchen sink

Under the bathroom sink

On top of the refrigerator/cabinets

Pile of junk mail

Entry way closet

Hallway closet

Desk drawers

magazine rack

One bedroom closet

One set of dresser drawers

Nightstand and drawer/shelf

TV cabinet / Entertainment center

One closet shelves

Bathroom cabinet

Medicine cabinet

Kids toy box / play room

Laundry room shelves

Garage – divide into sections depending on how much stuff you store away.  Shelves, drawers, boxes, cabinets, and then divide the rest into 4 to 6 equal sections.  Finish one section a day after you tackle the shelves, drawers, boxes, cabinets, etc. 

Basement – see garage above.

Obviously there may be some things that were not mentioned here but you can use this list to get you started.  Make your own list first – before you even begin to start your clutter removal challenge.  When you think you have included everything on your list, then do one thing on your list a day if you can.  Make up your mind whether you will tackle this list daily, twice a week, once every other week, etc.  Don’t put it off though; once you have these decisions made, stick like glue. If every Tuesday from 10AM to 11PM you are going to tackle one thing on your list, be sure to make no other plans of excuses.  

After all is said and done, you will be the happiest person on Earth!  You  will be so glad your home is now all cleaned up so you can go shopping and fill up all those places with more junk.   lol just kidding.  

Happy cleaning! 🙂





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