Dressing Up Your Walls With Decals That You Can Make

You can dress up your walls anywhere, anytime by using wall decals that you can easily make yourself.  



Doesn’t that bird decal look nice?  Let me tell you how you can dress up your walls  very inexpensively. You can fill in blank spaces like those above windows, doors and toilets. You can accentuate furniture with the decals by drawing eyes to headboards, dining tables, sofas, cribs, nightstands and other furnishings. 

What you will need:

Contact paper – home improvment stores usually have the largest selection of designs.
Scissors and Craft Knife
Hard plastic card such as a library or frequent shopper card

First, choose your design.  You can draw or trace your own design.  You can also use a stencil or there are many templates you can find online. You can choose to do a small design or, if you have a large space – you can consider doing a large floor to wall design.

Test your walls.  This step is very important so that you can be sure that the contact paper will not hurt your paint.  Use a hidden spot such a the side wall of the inside of a closet.  Make sure that the wall you test has the same finish as the wall you are going to place the decal.  Adhere a small piece of the contact paper to your test wall.  Make sure it easily peels off the wall a day or two later. 

Be sure to wipe down your walls because the decals will stay on better and longer when you place them on a freshly cleaned wall.  You can use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Origninal if you wish. 

Trace or draw your design on the back of the contact paper. Cut the design out using your scissors.  If the design is intricate, you may want to use the craft knife. If you are making a larger design, you can use painter’s tape to tape each part of the design to the wall. This way you can re-arrange the pieces until you are happy with the arrangement. 

Finally, adhere your decal.  Hold it up to the wall, start at the bottom and peel away a few inches.  Work from the middle and smooth out any bubbles with the plastic card. Repeat this step until the entire decal is placed. 

Later, if you notice that the decal is starting to peel off, simply use the plastic card to smooth it back onto the wall.  You could also use a fresh, new decal instead. 

Cool tip:  Use a bone decal to desigate the spot where your doggie eats. See picture below. 



Have fun making and decorating your home with decals.  🙂



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