Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is finally here so before the heat strikes, it’s time to get some spring cleaning done outside of your home. 

Start by geting your windows squeeky clean.  Begin with your screens.  Give your screens a bath with your hose and if needed, use a little warm soapy water and a soft brush.  Also, always start with the outside of the window so that when you get to the inside you can tell if they are actually clean or not.

 Next is the task of getting the gunk out of your gutter.  So many things can build up in your gutters over the cold months, so if you don’t want water damage to your house, put on the gloves, get on that ladder and scoop out the debris.  Be careful that you don’t get cut on jagged metal.  Use thick gloves.

 Sort out the garage.  Many people play shove when it comes to the garage and before they know it, there is clutter and disorganization everywhere.  Perhaps installing cabinets, shelves and hooks may help to get things organized. 

Inspect your fence. Check a wooden fence for rotting spots, loose nails and wobbly spots. If it has been a while since the wood has been treated, check for bugs that may have knawed their way through the wood. If you have a metal fence, check for holes or places where it may be pulling away from the ground. 

Clear the lawn by getting rid of all the soggy or dried up leaves that are cluttering your flower gardens and grass. A good raking tip, switch your rake from one side to the other and don’t twist at your torso.  

It may be time to consider some fresh new paint.  Do your shutters look a few shades greyer or are they bleached out pretty good?  It’s a good time to finally get that color you have been wanting and maybe you can even dress it up with a fancy mailbox.

Take the time out to give your siding, deck, or driveway a good pressure washing.  Be careful though, certain kinds of siding can’t take the pressure – same goes for peeling paint.  

Get busy ripping out the weeds before they have the chance to take over your garden and grass. 

Clean up your patio and furniture.  Get all the cobwebs out from the corners and wash down the furniture.  Also, get a good degreaser and a wire brush and get that grill clean. 

Getting your work done in the spring is better than waiting for the summer heat to tackle these things.  You will be happy you got it all done and you can spend your summer enjoying your clean house, yard and garage.  Do a little entertaining and show it off to our family, friends and neighbors.  

Happy cleaning. 


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