Cleaning Natural Stone

Hello again. 

Do you have some type of natural stone in your home?  In this blog entry, we are going to discuss ways to get your natural stone safely clean. 

Whether you have marble, granite, sandstone or slate – using water with pH neutral soap is the best way to clean natural stone.

Clean the surface using a soft cloth, a sponge or a very soft brush to avoid making scratches. Use small circles and cover the entire area.  When you are finished cleaning, dry the surface with a soft towel.  If you allow the surface to dry by itself, white spots may appear and the surface will not look as shiny. 

Unpolished natural untreated stone surfaces tend to be very porous. For example the barbeque area and surrounding floor. For dirty spots on these surfaces, sprinkle a very generous amount of talcum powder on them to completely cover.  Let sit for serveral days and then wash off.  You may have to repeat the process.  Another solution for this is to mix sodium bicarbonate with a little water, cover and let sit to work.  

Sometimes stone will have rust stains from metal coming into contact with the stone and oxidizing. Using a mixture of lemon juice and salt will work well on the rust.

If you have spots that are left from food items such as coffee, decomposed leaves, etc., then use hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of amonia.  Be careful because this could be sensitive to skin.

If you have paint or ink stains, try using mineral alcohol.

For extremely dirty natural stone floors, especially marble, they can be scrubbed once in a while using a half bucket of water with oxygenated water 1 and a quarter cups.

Happy Cleaning





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