Places We Purposely Forget To Clean :)

Here are some places that many of forget to clean or just plain old hate the idea of having to clean them so we put it off way too long.  

Try to do one every other week and by the time you get back around the cycle, it will be time to clean it again.

Clean the tops of your cabinets and shelves. Dust loves to accumulate there. Don’t forget to clean the molding too.  Moldings are magnets for dust and allergens to build-up. Of course there is always the ceilings and corners of the walls where dust and cobwebs can form mysteriously.

Cleaning behind the toilet is always a job that no one likes to tackle but must be done. This means having to crouch down to take a look behind the toilet.  Many people claim that this area tends to remain damp even when the rest of the bathroom is dry.  This area can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew on the grout, tiles and pipes. 

Pull out your refrigerator and you may be surprised what is lurking there.  Dust, grime and even pet hair can accumulate here – even on the coils.  Dropped something that you never found?  It may be hiding under your fridge.  You should clean the refrigerator coils about every six months. By keeping your coils clean, your fridge will operate more efficiently and save you some money by using less electricity.  If you have pets, you may want to clean the coils a little more often.  Be sure to check with your owners manual for safe and proper cleaning.

Move your furniture to vacuum up all the accumulated dust there.  You may also find a few missing items here as well.

Something many people don’t even think about cleaning are wires.  These get dirty too all by themselves just by staying where they are.  Wires for your computer, your telephone and your entertainment center all have what seems like tons of wires and they all get tangled up and messy as well.  Don’t forget to unplug all the chords before you untangle and clean them.  Clean the area where the chords stay and then plug them back in.

Clean your cleaning products.  These get messy too.  Not only do the bottles, jars and boxes get dirty, but so does the space you put them away.  Sponges drip, things spill or leak, so be sure to wipe it all down. 

Check your closets for things that may be lurking in pockets of clothing that may be rotting away like candy or perhaps something that may have fallen out of a pocket and it now on your floor to attract bugs.

Well this is all for now.  If you have other places that we something like to purposely forget to clean, please leave it in a comment.   We would love to hear from you.

Happy cleaning.


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